Welcome to "Amaithiyum Arokiammum"


"Healer Baskar" 
(Founder Of Anatomic Therapy)

For the citizens of the world to live a life soaked in good health, love, clarity, tranquility, smartness, peace, prosperity, lasting happiness and profound inner joy, Healer Baskar has undertaken the work of publishing a monthly magazine called "Amaithiyum Arokiammum". All our friends should surely subscribe and start enjoying the wonderful benefits of great health and tranquil mind through the life changing messages in the magazine..

This magazine will have enriching new thoughts of Healer Baskar and accounts of various healing incidences in the workshops conducted all around the world. Additionally, articles on nature food, technical expertise in astrology, new arts and various useful matters will be published for the benefit of the readers.

All this comes for a very minimal yearly subscription of English & Tamil - 3 Years Subscription Rs.300/- & 5 Years Subscription Rs.500/- Mail (Soft Copy Only). I am sure you will join hands with us supporting this initiative, solely aimed at good health for all of us and our families. The magazine will not feature any advertisements as every bit of the space will be used to spread the good word among all fellow humans.